About Me

Many things have changed in the last few years since I really nourished this blog. But the below remains the same. I am that spiritual seeker on a path to live my most authentic and natural life guided by God and my intuition. 

I’m a spiritual seeker who is completely immersed right now in this newest generation of spiritual leaders. I’m a fan of meditation, yoga, and prayer on a daily basis. I take inspiration from everywhere I go and everyone I see. I suppose I would be considered a Christian as I attend church and find comfort in it, along with the amazing people surrounding it. But I take beliefs and practices from all religions and walks of life to form my own spiritual journey. Being a Christian simply means I try to walk the path of Jesus Christ and learn from his loving ways and words.

I’m just finished my undergrad degree and I’m searching. For a job, for a career, for an experience of life. In these posts you’ll see my struggles with maintaining my faith and spirituality, as well as the struggles that come with having a history of eating disorders and being medicated for clinical depression and self-harm. I don’t try to cover it up, it’s all a huge part of who I am and I wouldn’t be the same person without these struggles.

If you ever have suggestions or want me to write an opinion or blog about a subject, don’t hesitate to ask me.





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