Prayers for Connecticut

As most of you know by now, a tragedy occurred today in Newtown, Ct. My heart is broken for these lost souls and their families, and also for the man who committed these acts. It takes someone in a very dark place to do something like this. 

I was born and raised in Connecticut, and I always knew that people thought well of our state. But I also knew that bad things could happen anywhere and everywhere, but I never thought something could feel like this. I’m not exactly sure how to express it, either. And I’m not exactly sure how I feel.

I don’t believe that it’s a gun control issue, whatsoever. Do what you want with guns, the man would have just found an axe or used his bare hands if he was that determined. I don’t really blame it on the media, either. I watch plenty of shows that can be considered violent or immoral and I would never, ever dream of something this unfortunate and horrendous. I don’t blame it on mental illness, per say. I do believe that this man must have had something going on. He must have been in a very difficult and dark place. I don’t think that it’s an excuse, by any stretch. But I do think that as a society we are taught to bottle everything up.

Don’t act out, you’ll get in trouble.

Boys, don’t cry or you’ll look like a wimp. 

Girls, you play with the dolls and boys, the soldiers with guns and other weapons. 

Be a MAN, take control. 

If we don’t express our feelings in a healthy way, they build up. They result in words, thoughts, and actions we may not otherwise bring to the surface. For years I was struggling with depression and not dealing with my emotions, and it led to serious issues with suicidal thoughts and self harm. 

Again, that is no excuse, but it’s a fact. And we can’t change other people until we take a good hard look at ourselves. You, and you and you all just need to take a minute and think, “how can I be more loving TO MYSELF.” Yep, I’m saying it – be a little selfish. Treat yourself a little more kindly, honor your emotions and let yourself really step into them and don’t try to push them down.

Treat yourself kinder; treat others kinder. 

The world can change and respond to these little actions, one step at a time. 

Please pray for the families of those beautiful children lost today, and the man who committed this crime. xx