Censorship: I don’t fucking get it.

Let me start off by saying, as a writer, I don’t exactly believe in censorship to the fullest extent. I do understand that certain words and ideas may be too mature for young folks to understand and I appreciate trying to keep things appropriate. So I rate this blog post PG-14 for the one F Bomb that I drop at the end. 

MTV recently aired Mean Girls. I caught the end of it last weekend, but my younger cousin had never seen it (he’s 17 and a guy, but he figured maybe he’d want to know the cultural context or something) so we recorded it. So last night while we were eating I threw it on from the DVR and he half-watched it and I recited all the lines. 

Of course, every now and then I would say a line that didn’t exist on the television aired version.

Now, I’m not big on censorship, but I understand it. I’ve been known to have a huge potty mouth and a certain F-word is my favorite word in the English language. But I understand that certain words just aren’t appropriate. My mother wouldn’t let me watch MTV until I was 13 or 14, even though I secretly watched it at friends’ houses long before that. 

The interesting thing was, MTV had a very strange idea of what words were censor-worthy.

Here are the words that were NOT censored out:





ass(hole – the ‘hole’ in fact was censored out)


and here are the words that WERE, in fact, censored out:







Okay, now let’s review. I am aware that the words ‘bitch’ and ‘ass’ have other meanings. Yes a bitch is a female dog, and an ass is a donkey. However, that was NOT the way they were being used in the movie. They were being used as negative words for people. Girls, specifically. 

The words ‘gay’ and ‘homosexual’ however, WERE being used under their appropriate context. Damien is, in fact, gay. He likes boys. And he’s quite flamboyant (which is often another aspect of being gay. Yet, they couldn’t be aired as a part of the movie. 

I understand the censoring of “dyke” as it is usually a derogatory term. However, censoring ‘gay’ and NOT censoring ‘lesbian’? I’m sorry but is that maybe…sexist? Like it’s okay to use a word that means two girls because some people think it’s “hot” or something? And “effing”? ARE YOU SERIOUS? It’s the connotation of a curse word, but that word is not said. 

I suppose my biggest complaint is still that the word “homosexual” was censored out. It is a technical term. It is a term we learn in health class and science class and is not even remotely “naughty” or “dirty”. And you censoring that out is sending the WRONG message to people. That it’s okay to use the word bitch and slut and whore but don’t you dare use the word homosexual in regular conversation because you’ll get burned alive. 

Dear, MTV, I invite you to explain your reasoning in the censoring choices of this film. And if it isn’t your fault, I invite whoever the heck it was to explain because I, frankly, don’t fucking get it.