I found God on my yoga mat.

Every now and then I go back to Connecticut for a therapy appointment, or a visit, or a holiday. And every now and then I’ll go with my mom to a yoga class to get in a little workout. Of course, I do plenty of yoga on my own, almost daily. These practices I do myself are usually lower impact than what I get with my mom, but they’re more for my spiritual balance than losing weight or gaining muscle tone (though I don’t push that away either!). Anyway, this past week I was in Connecticut for Thanksgiving and the morning of, I went with my mom to class. 

And it was a great class. It’s hot yoga (not Bikram hot, but still warm enough to sweat), and I always feel as if I’m getting in a great, centered workout during and after class. And that day, as I rested in shavasana at the end of class, I felt God. I couldn’t explain it, and when I told my mother after (who is the most Agnostic person you’ve ever met), she kind of just laughed a little and ignored it. 

But laying in that place, where my mom sometimes falls asleep, my mind was awakened. I felt the most blissful sense of love and peace come over me and fill me up from top to toe. I knew that I was exactly where I was supposed to be and that everything that was going to happen from that moment on was going to be fine so I didn’t have to worry at all about the future. I just had to be. And so I did. I just existed in that place, with love, with God. 

That is the kind of spirituality that I’m trying to bring to my everyday. That is why I wake up and pray and meditate and do yoga every single morning. That is why I recite affirmations throughout my day and settle into my sacred space each night before laying down. That is why I recite everything I am grateful for every moment I can. It’s those moments I’m most grateful for, and those moments I try to manifest more and more into my life.