Job Depression

At the age of 17 or so, society expects us to decide what we want to do for the next fifty years of our lives. We take dozens of tests, break our necks in school to pass classes, get into college, and start the next phase in our lives. 

And then we graduate. We break our necks AGAIN to pass more exams and finish college. And we are expected to continue on a solid path toward SOME kind of career. Something that will make us some money, but not a job that is so lofty that we’ll never make it. 

So we apply for jobs BEFORE graduation. And, if a month has gone by after the end of our college career and we don’t have a job, we’re attacked. Questioned. Pressured. “How’s the job search?” “What do you want to do?” “What was your degree in, again?” 

And here I am. Fresh out of college with a shiny new Bachelor’s degree and a diploma sitting on my bookshelf. And it’s been a single month since the end of my final semester. And I’m still working part time retail and about to move back in with my parents. And I’m depressed.

Now, I’ve had depression since I was about 14 – I’ve been in and out of therapy since then and I’ve been on anti-depressants for two years. So I’m stable. And I’m generally happy. But the last two weeks or so have gotten to me. I’m depressed, I can’t lose the small amount of weight that I gained over the holidays (oh, Christmas cookies our love/hate relationship is hard), and I’m lonely. I’m isolated in my current living situation and I’m not wanted in it either. 

But recently I’ve also had a lot of extra time to think and read and write. And I’m learning to try and accept. I accept where I am right now. I accept where I’m going in the near future. And I’m trying to accept that not everyone is as genuine as I am. Not everyone is as free-spirited. Some people plan. Some people have goals and actions they know they have to take. But I’m accepting that I am not that person. I am a bit of a floater. I don’t really know what I want to do for the next forty years or so. I really don’t. I have ideas, but I don’t have real ideas.

And I’m beginning to accept that. 

Influenster Review: 2012 College VoxBox

I’m a part of influenster, which is a great forum for product reviews and promotion. They are involved heavily with social media and all kinds of products from beauty, to office, to snacks and other goodies! I was selected to receive the 2012 College VoxBox last month and I decided to share with you all the items I was able to test and what I thought about all of them. So, here goes!

ImPress Press-On Manicure

“The Revolutionary new way to apply polish!”

The packaging is cute, a little plastic polish-type bottle filled with fake nails in beautiful pre-manicured designs. The application is easy: Simply find your size, prep your nails, peel off the plastic and stick on! No messy glue, no filing off tabs at the tips of the nails. They apply easily and last several days if you don’t work with your hands too much.

I, however, work in retail so I’m working with my hands all the time. My nails lasted about 4-5 days (they advertise “up to a week”) and I ended up peeling them off. Some cons: they’re softer than your usual Broadway or Everlast nails so they tend to bend a little bit. Although the stick-on method is simpler and less messy, it also doesn’t provide much of a hold. It would also be nice if they came in petite sizes (not sure if they do!). 

Bottom Line: Great for a special event but I don’t think I’ll buy them very often. 

Cost: $5.99 for colors and $7.99 for patterns

NYC Show Time Glitter Eye-Liner Pencil

%100 LOVE. I don’t really have cons about this product so I’ll say, I’m a big fan of eyeliner. Sometimes I like color, sometimes I don’t. This color was a dark black with some silver sparkle and it was fabulous. It’s just enough of a shine to wear to work during the holidays. I do a top-lid line with a tiny tiny wing and the pencil glides on very smoothly and doesn’t dull too fast. The color stays on for my work day and comes off cleanly with makeup remover at the end of the night. 

Bottom line: I want one in every color.

Price: $2.49 per pencil.

Necco Tropical Wafers

YUMMY. I love these. They’re great for a little sugar crunch and I couldn’t stop munching on these delicious flavors. My mom loves Necco Wafers and she loved these too. I don’t love all the flavors (Coconut) but that’s just a personal preference! The selection is a grea throwback to summer vacations – nice in the deep fall and winter days!

Bottom Line: I’m not much of a candy gal, but if I saw these on the shelf or at the movies, I’d grab ’em.

Price: $1.25 per roll, $24.00 per box. 

Pentel EnerGel-X Campaign

A Beautiful liquid gel pen from Pentel. I got this in a great purple color. I watched my usual Super Soul Sunday and took notes with it for a few hours. Never did it falter or dry up. It kept me writing quickly and smoothly so I could get down all the words of wisdom. 

Bottom Line: As a writer, I appreciate good pens. And this is a great pen. And for the quality, the price is right.

Price: $1.90 per pen

Energy Sheets

Okay, this was difficult. I don’t take in caffeine as a rule. I drink tea in the morning, which is a little bit of caffeine. But I don’t drink coffee on a regular basis. These sheets advertise that they have the affect of 1 cup of coffee per 2 sheets. They taste like breath sheets and dissolve in your mouth. Nice minty taste too! I had one on my way to work, I was feeling quite tired and hadn’t had my tea. By the time I got started, I didn’t feel anything, so I had another one. THEN I felt it. I was actually quite jittery, however and didn’t love it. However, this could just be a personal event. If you’re more used to caffeine, you could take it!

Bottom Line: Not for me, but they’re good for some!

Price: $5.95 for a pack of 10 sheets. 

There you have it! My short, but honest, reviews of the 2012 College VoxBox from Influenster. Hope that it’s been a little entertaining! 

Coming soon…an Influenster College VoxBox review.

I just got my college voxbox from influenster and by the middle/end of this week I’ll be posting a review of the 5 items I’m testing out! Eye liner, candy, they even gave me a pen to test out! Stick around to see what I’ve got to say about some wicked new products!


And just remember: “There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved.” – George Sand