Beware, adding some Gabby B to your life MAY CAUSE MIRACLES!

Hey all!

It’s been a crazy couple days since I got back to my home base of Providence. I was visiting family in Connecticut and attending Gabby’s book tour launch date and then I was working – it’s been a little intense. But I’m back and I’m settling in again and getting ready for school to start.

If you don’t know, I took last semester off from school so this month I’m officially a first semester senior in college. Woohoo! Let’s just say that this is the perfect time for me to have Gabby’s 40 day guidebook by my side. In the past, school has caused me tons of stress, depression and the feeling I just want to give up. But I’m not letting that get to me this year. I’ve got an amazing team behind me in my family and friends, as well as my teachers both educational and spiritual. It’s gonna be a rockin’ year.

And to kick it off, I got to meet my brilliant guru, Gabrielle Bernstein as she started her book tour for May Cause Miracles!

It was a wonderful talk, filled with an overview of the book, some hilarious insights and nuggets of wisdom, and a fully loaded Q&A session. There were so many beautiful people at this event, and I did have to hold back tears several times as brave men and women shared their stories and gratitude. I made connections, connected with old friends and felt like a LIVE WIRE as I was leaving. It was exactly where I was meant to be, and I felt it deep inside to my core.

I’ve taken some of Gabby’s classes online via livestream, and I can say that the energy from those is amazing. But knowing that her energy is RIGHT THERE during a meditation is the most brilliant feeling. And I know I’ll be able to recreate that as I go through the 40 days of May Cause Miracles.

Gabby really is a magnetic soul. And when I spoke with her, I could have sworn to you that I have known her my entire life. I was speaking to my sister.

That being said (since I’ll never be able to stop gabbing about Gabby!), I have started my own journey with May Cause Miracles. Today is only day two, but I already have super things to say. The book is literally filled with SUBTLE shifts. It’s nothing major. It’s about 5 minutes of your time in the morning (less if you read fast) and maybe 10-20 at night (more if you so choose). Your affirmation sticks with you throughout the day.  Yesterday was simply witnessing fear and today is simply being willing to see love instead. It’s that easy.

Yet I already feel MIRACULOUS change coursing through me.

I’ll be in touch, until then…

Have a beautiful day, xx.

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