Small Thought For Today

Hi all, 

It’s Sunday, and I have the day off from work, so that means I’m relaxing in my lounge clothes, doing facials, dancing around the kitchen and catching up on some reading. I’m also taking good care of myself by making yummy meals that I love and are pretty healthy for me. Like many, I take Sunday’s as a spiritual day and remember to be present for the entire week. 

This isn’t a real blog post, and I’m not even going to tag it, so you can read it or not. It’s more for me. It’s just a thought that came through my mind today and I really want to put it out into the world so I can keep on track with it.

I’ve had some issues with alcohol in the past, it’s no secret. I’m not an alcoholic, nor have I ever been. However, the disease does run in the family and I’ve always been aware of that. I have had trouble rejecting peer pressure in the past and have had a few nights I’d like to forget, and a few that I wish I could remember. Lately I’ve been trying to cut back. I love good whisky and good wine so I don’t think going cold turkey is the answer, whatsoever. But I’ve begun to limit myself to two drinks – that was Christmas Eve. On Christmas day I had two white wine spritzers, so maybe the equivalent of 1.5 glasses of wine. Later, though, when dessert came around I had more and more wine. I figured “Eh, it’s a holiday, fuck it.” And that’s where I went wrong. I didn’t get drunk and I didn’t feel badly the next day. But it felt silly because drinking didn’t change the experience in a positive way. 

So today I thought to myself, “The world is SO beautiful. Why would I want to make it hazy and blurry with too much alcohol? Why would I want to feel sick in the morning?” So I’m trying again. I will enjoy and indulge, but I’m no longer the club-hopping, shot-doing, dizzy drunken girl I used to be. I don’t want to be that.

Have a beautiful Sunday, xx. 


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