Keeping Hope Alive as the World Gets Dark

I know that I’ve written about miracle set backs before on this blog already. But this blog also gives me a chance to vent out what I’m going through as it happens.

Lets just say, it hasn’t been the best week, and it’s only Wednesday! 

It started with little things, dropping a glass or being late for work. But then I got on edge, got into a car accident, and just completely fell apart. Now, here I am, my head filled with horrible thoughts of self-loathing and fear and I don’t know what to do. I find myself yearning for my addictions, wishing I had something to grasp on to.

Then, I figured it out. I was off balance. I was getting ready for bed and very literally TRIPPED over my meditation pillow. Like, seriously, what more of a sign could I need. It’s true, I had been away from home and very busy with travel, and I had been neglecting my meditations and yoga and prayer. So I stopped everything. I sat my butt down and listened. And I heard my ~ing say “CHILL THE F OUT GIRL. You’re moving too fast. Slow down, breathe, pray, stretch. Let it go and let it flow.”

So I did. I sat there and I did yoga. I said a lovely prayer before I went to bed and I released my anxieties to the universe, knowing they were taken care of. That’s not to say everything got better immediately, but it helped. And the next day I repeated the same thing. I resumed my usual schedule and things are slowly starting to feel better. Gone are the thoughts of returning to my dangerous addictions and actions. 

I also know, because that’s how it works, that because of all these crazy things happening that SOMETHING amazing is just around the corner. This is the universe telling me to get ahold of myself because something wonderful is about to come my way and I have to be able to receive it. And I can’t do that if I’m blocked and listening to my ego. 

So when shit hits the fan, turn it around. Turn back to love. Breathe, pray, meditate, listen to God. And you’ll be guided. 

Have a beautiful day. xx


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